A surreal dream sim with a hidden objective. 👀

Select your traits before you enter a dream and watch things change. It is entirely up to you whether you actively search for three hidden scenarios, or casually explore the options presented to you.

About the game:

  • Made for Ludum Dare 45 in 2–2.5 days. 😊
  • You cannot access all options (and hidden scenarios) through only one playthrough.


Known issues:

  • One notification is partially covered up with different object Fixed! 😊
  • Web version is slow, especially text and music
  • Wrong background displayed in the web version Fixed?

Install instructions

If the web version does not load properly or is slow, please, download the appropriate file below instead!


dream-avatar-1.1.2-pc.zip 36 MB
dream-avatar-1.1.2-mac.zip 18 MB

Development log

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