V1.1, 2019-10-08:

  • fixed wrong layer placement of one achievement pop-up (no more overlap now, hopefully!)
  • fixed a typo
  • fixed presplash image not displaying on web version
  • optimization for the web:
    • converted non-transparent PNGs to JPGs and all sound to OGG
    • optimized images & sounds
    • deleted unused sections of script (History page, unused Phone version specs) and unused files
    • pre-optimization: Web 25.1 MB, Windows 47.8 MB, Mac 30.5 MB
    • after: Web 13.6 MB, Windows 36.3 MB, Mac 18.9 MB!!

V1.1.1 + V1.1.2, 2019-10-09:

  • fixed a reported bug where the wrong image displayed in background
    • that introduced another layering issue, fixed that too (?)
  • fixed another typo
  • removed some image transitions from web version (further optimization)

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