A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Narrative mystery game. Cleaning job with mystical lore. Casual point-and-click exploration!


  • Mouse or keyboard! 🐁⌨️
  • If you use a mouse, you still need to press “enter” to confirm your name when the game asks you for it.
  • If you use keyboard – “space” to progress, arrows to pick a choice, “enter” to confirm. (All controls are listed here!)


  • “Settings” allows you to adjust volume, text speed and fullscreen/window mode. You can also switch the main font to OpenDyslexic.
  • When replaying it, “skip >>” speeds through text you saw before and it stops at a choice (when you have to pick an option to continue).
  • You can save the game at any point and there are plenty of save slots!


LD48-1.3-pc.zip 42 MB
LD48-1.3-mac.zip 25 MB
LD48-1.0-pc 46 MB
LD48-1.0-mac 29 MB

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