I am interested in feedback! It is my first game, after all, so I would love to learn from it and do even better next time. If you play the game, please consider stopping by and leaving a comment or a review with your impressions!

Please note: this is a VERY SMALL GAME (made in one day) ♥

* * *

You are a witchling and there are very important exams ahead of you. Will you be able to convince a Deity to help you out?

First-person* visual novel where each choice matters**!

Entry for LD43 and my very first game. Here is my LD profile: ynneblack.

  • ConceptWriting: mehtoh & ynneblack
  • CodeArtDesign: ynneblack
  • Sound effects: Freesound.org (detailed credits in game’s “About”!)
  • Time: +- 24 h 50 min
  • Software: Ren’Py (code), Notepad++ (code), Photoshop (art + design), SketchUp (perspective)

* I tried to make it nb friendly – no pronouns specified.
** At the moment there are several endings and they are points-based.

EDIT, September 2019: I used the new function in Ren'Py to convert it so you should be able to play it in-browser. I did not optimize it further and most testing was done on downloaded version, so let me know if something breaks. Browser version is not suitable for playing on phone.


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The 'extra' version is not able to be installed/managed via the itchio desktop application; please fix this issue.


Oh, I don't have that app myself so I wasn't aware! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :) Do you know why it might be, though?

There is a useful guide for itchio creators that should help you out.